S&P Brisley has been awarded the BSI Kitemark™

Licensee number: KM 549850 

BSI Kitemark

What does this mean? 

Recent surveys found that over 91%* of the UK adult population recognise the Kitemark™ as a symbol of quality, safety and trust. 

When a vehicle goes in for a BSI Kitemark™ body repair, the client and insurer can feel total confidence in the repair being carried out to the highest standards, maintaining the pre-crash integrity and vehicle, whilst protecting the lives of those on the road. Whether the repair be cosmetic, a structural repair, or involves aluminium and composite bonding, the quality will be as good as it was before the accident happened.

TRUST: the vehicle will be repaired safely

SAFETY: the vehicle will afford the same protection as it did before the accident

QUALITY: the vehicle has been repaired using the right materials and processes

CONFIDENCE: to ensure continued compliance BSI regularly assesses the company throughout the year. 

Vehicle repair Kitemark™ certification is voluntary and requires exacting levels of service and workmanship. Companies who achieve it are making a public commitment to the quality of their repairs and customer service. S&P Brisley have shown they can make that commitment, and with less than 650 Kitemark™ licensed vehicle body repairers S&P Brisley are proud to offer service levels with a new and highly prized recognized standard of expertise and quality assurance.


For more information please call 01303 253126